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What if we told you that introducing a new physical relationship into your marriage could save it? Or that those sometimes seemingly crazy swingers statistically have better marriages than their more traditional counterparts?

Do we have your attention?

A swinging relationship or open marriage can be healthy for a marriage or long-term relationship. While it may seem ludicrous to introduce a new physical relationship into your current one, the statistics suggest otherwise.

Swingers are couples who have an open relationship bound by a set of specific rules. Unfortunately, the personification of swingers in mainstream movies and television sometimes lends an inaccurate portrayal. 

Swinging and open relationships are consensual, loving, and mutually respectful relationships. Trusts from all parties always bind the inclusion of other persons in the relationship. 

Couples carve out their own rules for pursuing a swinging relationship. These rules, or boundaries, fuel future encounters. One direction might include which sexual acts a partner can perform on a swinging partner. Some rules involve whether or not spouses can communicate with swinging partners in a casual fashion.

So what are the outcomes of swinging on a long-term relationship?

Less likely to get divorced

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The divorce rate amongst swingers is less than their traditional married counterparts. (source).

Divorce is one of the Western world’s most prevalent, expensive, and soul-crushing events. An entire legal vertical financially booms due to our inability to make the contract of marriage work. A divorce, on average, costs close to $13,000. This doesn’t include cases where child support and child custody disputes arise. The entire divorce market size was nearly $12 billion in 2021. 

These are mind-blowing stats.

So why would swinging help lower such savage stats?

When you think about it, couples who pursue swinging to help their marriage likely reflect people willing to do as much as possible to stave off a divorce and find happiness. And moreover, swinging and open relationship benefits include vastly improved communication. In the end, most relationships fall apart due to inadequate communication. 

More communication and a more profound desire to do relationship work amount to lowered risks of a messy divorce. It’s as simple as that. 

You’re happier.

86% of couples involved in a consensual non-monogamy relationship have a favorable outlook on their relationship.

When you communicate more, you’re happier. In fact, effective communication is the foundation of a thriving relationship

You can’t enter into an open relationshipthrouple, or swinger lifestyle, without deep communication and sharing. These items are essential drivers of not just success, but without them, you aren’t doing it right. 

You’re physical desires are more fulfilled.

For many people, considering a swinger or open relationship means prioritizing the physical benefits. We don’t suggest this because we truly believe that pursuing the emotional benefits is more productive.

That said, everyone feels differently. And there isn’t much doubt that swinging can help resolve issues where spouses feel physically neglected or dissatisfied. However, it’s not the interactions with someone new that fixes this situation; it’s the interactions with your current spouse that improve. 

It’s a bit of a misnomer that you’ll view the satisfaction from swinging partners as your physical savior. All the work you do with communication, setting boundaries, and sharing physical desires amounts to improvements in the physical landscape of your current marriage. 

Your marriage’s sex life improves from swinging. In fact, you’ll have sex with your spouse more when you enter into the swinger lifestyle. 

You’ll become more inclusive, open to new ideas.

In marriage, it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern. You have a couple of friends. You like that one coworker. Your spouse will begrudgingly share a dinner with your friend every six months with five months’ notice. 

Swinging means you and your partner consistently meet new people. You are meeting new people and exposed to new things and different types of people. You’ll become more outgoing and inclusive of all types of people. 

You’ll look forward to attending parties and dinners that prior felt laborious. And you’ll find yourself more open to all types of new things. Always wanted to skydive? This may be the year you do it rather than talk about it. 

Swinging is fun. Swinging and open relationships help improve marriages by reducing divorce rates and improving how each partner views the relationship. In addition, swinging enhances your marriage’s sex life. 

So what are you waiting for? You must be swinger curious if you got this far.