What Exactly is a throuple, anyways?

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In the world of open relationships, there seems to be no shortage in terminology. Polyamorous, swingers, and so on. Now there’s “throuple.” But what is a throuple?

Is a throuple the same as a swinger?

Is a throuple part of the open relationship hiearchy?

Don’t worry, lots of folks get confused.

With the term throuples entering mainstream television, lots of people are beginning to have questions. And we’re finding there’s tremendous confusion which is imperative to clear up.

Let’s talk about it.

When it comes to sexual adventure, liberating from stifling monogamy is a big trend.

We’re not bagging on those who dig monogamous dwellings, not in the slightest. Instead, we’re engaging our alternative sexual curious readers with a language they understand.

You are, of course, curious regarding alternative, or adventurous, sexual happening, right? Why else would you be reading an article on throuples that resides on a swinger lifestyle website.

If you’re curious as to what a throuple is, you’ve read it somewhere in the alternative sex sphere.

Welcome, friends, new and old.

To keep it simple, a throuple is a relationship with three persons. Those persons can be any gender or sexuality so long as its three. A throuple is commonly considered a sexual relationship of some sort.

You’d be right (somewhat).

Let’s look at this a different way.

At the highest level, we have open relationships. Open relationships essentially are relationships and people who deny mainstream cultural relationship standards found in deeply rooted monogamy.

An open relationship could be someone who is married, but she and her partner enjoy relations with lots of different people. This is what we call swinging.

A throuple is an alternative relationship, but not exactly an open relationship. Because in a throuple, you’re committed to two other people.

But wait, there’s more!

So now you’re probably a bit confused. So a throuple isn’t an open relationship? At the core, that’s correct. However, a throuple, much like any relationship, can be open pending all three participants in the throuple are down for such.

The reason I bring this up is because throuple often get categorized as open relationships. And in some cases, that can be true. A throuple could be three persons who agree to the terms of an open relationship. Or, a throuple could be a married couple (two persons) who agree to include one other person in their physical or platonic relationship for a longer term.

A throuple can be three men, or three women, or two men and one woman, or two women and one man.

Whoa, that was heavy.

A throuple is consensual non-monogamy. Its an alternative relationship. But it isn’t always an open relationship. It’s definitely polyamory.

A Throuple Isn’t The Same As a Swinger, Open Relationship

It is super important to make this distinction because in the end, the swinger lifestyle community already incurs egregious misperceptions. Polymamory, as a concept, is incredibly broad. Once you experiment outside of a two-person, monogamous relationship, you enter a world of polyamory.

But all things polygamous aren’t the same.

A throuple might be three persons fully committed to one another where having a physical relationship outside of the throuple would be considered cheating. We wouldn’t term this an open relationship. It’s a committed throuple.

Its important that people not confuse throuples and swinging or open relationships. These terms often get tossed around in the same bucket, but that’s irresponsible. Because categorically, they aren’t the same. Such misconceptions can cause people to relate attributes from one type of relationship to the other.

Throuples Have Their Own Journeys, Complications

Like any and all types of relationships, throuples thrive, survive, and even fail, in the same ways.

Many people who flee monogamy feel entitled to good relationship fortunes. But polyamorous relationships require equal amounts of work. And that’s true of throuples around the world.

Just as with a swinger relationship, a throuple relationship offers complications that all participants must approach in order to achieve a healthy polyamorous relationship.

First, communication and boundaries should be understood. For a throuple to work in an impactful way, all participants should communicate frequently. As they say, three’s a crowd. That’s not entirely true, however, having more people in a relationship means more expansive feelings and needs. All of this needs to be accounted for which is why communication matters heavily.

Where To Find Throuples Online

If you’re a married or dating couple looking to pursue a throuple, you might consider using a dating app. For example, and not to gloat, our swinger lifestyle dating app.

But wait, swinging and open relationships aren’t the same as throuples?

True, but people interested in throuples browse swinger dating websites. You’d only need to put that in as one of your likes.

We hope this explains the uniqueness and differences of the throuple lifestyle. So, are you down to share your significant other?