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Below Deck Mediterranean’s Natalya Confesses to Open Relationship Back Home

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In mainstream, open relationship ideals are becoming more and more pervasive. And that trend continues with Below Deck Mediterranean’s Natalya Scudder, who discussed her open relationship status.

A new sneak peek of the show advertises a clip of Natalya talking up her open relationship back home as she flirts with another crew mate.

“Me and my boyfriend have been together for four months, he wants this open relationship which I’m so unsure about, but every guy I’ve ever been with has cheated so I’d rather be in an honest relationship from the start.

“Unfortunately I fell in love with him before I knew this was the style he wanted, so it wasn’t like I knew about it. I already loved him before he mentioned he wanted this style of relationship. I’m half OK with it and I’m half working on trying to be OK with it.

With Luka, there’s no problem with having a flirt. Looking is fine, touching is a no-go… Well, it is, I think, because I’m in an open relationship? Do I need to get approval?”

For Natayla, it’d be a good idea for her to read our “open relationship boundaries” article. Just sayin’.

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Below Deck is a series were people sail and work aboard a boat. In the case of this particular version, the ship traverses the gorgeous Mediterranean sea. Each episode boards new passengers while the crew remains the same.

Flirtation between crew members is a common occurrence on the show. Open relationships, not so much. Adrian, a chef from the main show, had an open relationship status. But that’s the only other instance.