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Welcome to

It's not just a website, it's our community.

The owners and creators of Open Relationship want you to know, that this is a "passion project" for us. We've created our ideal online community where like-minded singles and couples could easily find each other. This is a community that we are proud to be part of, and we want you to be part of it as well.

We refuse to accept the stereotypical, outdated relationship roles that have been imposed on us for decades. People have evolved, science has evolved, and language has evolved. RELATIONSHIPS NEED TO EVOLVE.

We want to be a catalyst for the changes we want to see, and we want to spend time in the community that we create.

We are excited to invite you to be part of it.


You've found the premier consensual, non-monogamous relationship connection site.

You've heard of us. You're curious. You feel ready to evolve your current Relationship. You're here to explore the benefits of an open relationship.

Our Open Relationships dating experience embraces passion, love, and mutual respect. We're now a global movement, a place where your curiosity is a gateway to a new, exciting relationship.

Open Relationship's professional, private experience connects you with a new, exciting world. We understand you might feel a little nervous. That's OK. Pursuing an open relationship for the first time feels, well, a little bizarre.

Today, with Open Relationship, it is easier than ever to connect with safe partners. We help you communicate your needs and wants to your current partner.

Meet partners who desire an open relationship—no hassles, no hoops to jump through, and certainly, no judgment.

Our open relationship dating experience helps you connect with partners worldwide, but mostly, near you.

Does your community offer a lot of open relationship opportunities? Probably. But due to people protecting their privacy, you might not know it.

Are you and your current partner experiencing a lull in passion? Have you both hinted at experimenting with an open relationship?

We're here to help you find safe, willing partners. We believe divorce isn't imminent when partners are willing to try new things.

While some people might associate open relationships with a stigma, our technology and platform embrace the lifestyle as a healthy means of connection and passion. Divorce rates in the United States stand at more than 50%. An open relationship might help save some of these marriages from the doldrums and frustrations of lawyers, mediators, and family shame.

Find an open relationship in a private setting. Vet potential open relationship partners through our technology.

Why choose an open relationship dating site?

Whether you use an open relationship dating app or website, technology helps connect you with other like-minded people. Using an app or website to connect with other persons who desire an open relationship will help you foster and grow new bonds. Technology also helps us further filter down our wants and needs.

Beyond that, when used intelligently, an open relationship or open marriage dating app helps keep you safe. You can vet potential partners from the safety and comforts of your home. You and your current spouse can peruse open relationship listings and find synergy.

What is an open relationship?

This is an important question, and the answer can be as complex and detailed as you and your partner (or partners) wish.

At its core, an open relationship means that a couple, either married or dating, agrees to allow one another the ability to make romantic connections with other people. Open relationships can include both members of the couple dating the same person together, or separately. Open relationships can also include dating other couples and groups.

The basics of an open relationship are hardly something we can define for you, but within an open relationship, couples usually establish boundaries and rules based on mutual respect. For example, an open relationship with one couple could mean no texting or talking outside of the meet-up. But another couple might establish a far different boundary with communication.

How to have an open relationship.

We have found that in order to have a successful open relationship, clear boundaries, and honest, open communication are key. All involved parties should be made aware of said boundaries, in order to maintain them and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

While some might see an open relationship as fantasy, being 100% honest with your primary partner, can make it a reality.

How to discuss an open relationship?

Successful open relationships don't happen without clear communication. Keep in mind that most spouses don't communicate their dinner desires all that well, much less discuss an open marriage or relationship.

In other words, it's OK to feel nervous.

Discussing an open Relationship isn't something accomplished in a brazen manner. Instead, you need to lead up to the conversation by increasing your communication over your Relationship. You need to establish an exchange of information about where you are as a couple and what makes both of you happy.

Hint, start asking your partner what makes him/her happy. Then, get them talking about their bedroom and romance desires.

Build, build, build partner communication. When communication is healthy, discussing an open relationship experiment becomes a lot easier.

How to maintain an open relationship

Trust. Boundaries. More trust.

An open relationship requires partners to participate in an effective trust exercise. You both need to follow through with sticking to boundaries. Moreover, keep communicating your thoughts. If you feel insecure about the open relationship experiences, speak up. Is your partner feeling a little iffy over things? Talk to them.

Communication solves 90% of relationship problems, even beyond an open relationship or marriage.

Polyamory vs. Open Relationship

While their true definitions may differ, it is the way that you interpret them, that really matters.

Usually, Polyamory means that a person is maintaining a romantic relationship with more than 1 person. Polyamorous couples often rely on different partners for different types of support, be it emotional, physical, or social. Partners are very aware of each other. They often meet, interact, become friends and even like family.

Open relationships are usually looser than polyamorous ones, with more emphasis on the physical aspects of the relationship. Open relationships are more about the freedom to spend time with whomever you choose, with minimal rules or guidelines. Successful open relationships involve the same amount of respect, trust and communication as polyamorous relationships, but they are usually more about fulfilling physical needs.

Defining "polyamory" and "open relationship" may be a great starting point, however in practice, these 2 concepts can be whatever you make of them. The lines between them can blur and evolve. You can put whatever label you want on your relationships, as long as you are honest with your partner or partners.

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