The Importance of Self-Care in Open Relationships

couple eating ice cream and smiling on park bench

Open relationships often help couples and individuals foster more meaningful relationships. With unique, more spirited emotional dynamics and complexities at play, open relationships sometimes require a bit more self care. Those who partake in open relationships should realize the importance of self-care and emotional wellbeing in their journey.

Forgetting to do so can ultimately cause increased stress, and emotions such as jealousy to give rise.

Let’s look at some of these open relationship challenges and how some self-care can help.

Understanding Emotional Challenges in an Open Relationship

Eventually, the open relationship honeymoon calms. When the blissful clouds clear, you realize you’re in a relationship. And with any relationship comes struggles such as jealousy and insecurity.

Before we go further, understand that open relationships actually help quell jealousy more than embolden it. But all the same, all relationships carry the potential for jealousy.

Other struggles include dealing with often misguided societal perceptions and stigma and navigating relationship boundaries.

All of this can combine to stress in a relationship.

So how do we navigate all of this?

The Importance of Self-Care

You understand that all relationships bring about stress. Even work relationships, roommates, and sitting beside someone on a plane can create tension. That’s life.

But intimate relationships are a far different situation. You have a working romantic goal. You may, and often do, share finances. You spend holidays together. There’s a lot going on.

And alas, that’s all part of the issue.

There’s little separation. So when an issue is brewing, it steams, and then boils.

We aren’t talking about the big ticket relationship items which you should approach delicately, and sometimes, immediately, with your partner(s).

But its the little trivial matters that “get on your nerves” and add up to a bigger issue. This can create resentment and bitterness.

Instituting self-care helps both / all partners cope with daily stress. It brings about separation, increased health, and improved confidence on a personal level. Self-care directly helps the individual, but does indirectly help the relationship – a concept often missed.

People miss the concept that self-care helps a relationship because many people see self-care as selfish.

A good example is a parent who exercises. They may feel guilty because they could have been spending more time with their kids. But exercise is a key component towards increased longevity. In this case, self-care benefits the kids.

Its the same thing in a relationship. Partners benefit from a healthier you. They benefit from a more confident you. They also benefit from the same space you create for yourself.

Self-Care Ideas

There are four types of self-care:


Dating in open relationships or any diverse relationship comes with stress. Relationships often are accompanied with a lack of personal space. Self-care helps institute needed space between partners. It also helps someone feel they look better and improves confidence, which can result in less jealousy.