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Welcome to Open Relationship Dating

We're not any dating site; we're a passionate, loving community that connects singles, couples and polyamorous dating partners, near you.

The creators of Open Relationship turned a passion project into a thriving polyamorous dating community. We've created a lifestyle community supportive of open relationship concepts of many types. We're proud of our polyamorous dating community and excited you discovered us.

We refuse to accept stereotypical, outdated relationship roles imposed on us for centuries. The science of compatibility evolved into a more inclusive space. Open Relationship reflects those evolutions.

Open Relationship Prides Itself in Inclusive Dating

The relationship between partners continues to evolve. We're a catalyst for change: A departure from modern stereotypical doldrums that don't serve all of our needs. Open relationships, throuples, and open marriages find solace in our inclusive, modern dating site gatherers community.

We welcome all genders, nationalities, and preferences.

A Message From Our Founders

Open Relationships are not for everyone but should be for most of us. If we are honest, many relationships experience infidelity, and most marriages divorce. There is an ever-expanding acceptance in society of changing the way that we experience intimate relationships. A philosophy of honesty between partners is starting to take hold. Why cheat and betray the partner you love when you can either share new intimate encounters together or apart with permission?

This site is for singles looking for new relationships with others who agree with this new, more honest way of living. It's also for non-monogamous couples looking to have new experiences with singles and other couples who feel the same.

Our site is also for those seeking polyamorous relationships. Polyamory generally encompasses more serious relationships involving a group of 3 or more people.

We at Open Relationship believe that “OPEN” refers to all forms of open-minded non-monogamous relationships. Honesty and open mindfulness are crucial to making any non-monogamous encounter or relationship work. We have done our best to create a free & open community of like-minded people; please enjoy our site and experience.

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Open Relationship Curious?

Our premier consensual, non-monogamous relationship connection site leverages the power of change. But impactful change is driven by your curiosity. Exploring open relationship dating signals an expression to improve your relationship, meet fun new people, and spiritually grow.

Open Relationship's professional, private experience connects you with a new, exciting polyamorous dating world. Pursuing an open relationship for the first time may feel slightly bizarre. The good news is, its easier than ever to connect with open relationship partners near you who share the same passion and curiosity as you.

There's a growing open relationship dating curious crowd. Maybe that's you and your partner. You're on the precipice of evolving your relationship to embrace the spirit of love, passion, and mutual respect. Open Relationship offers global reach through a modern dating site movement where your ambition for love and compassion are your only prerequisite for entry.

Telling Your Partner You Want an Open Relationship May Feel Uneasy

We all began right here. These butterflies symbolize the beginning of a polyamorous dating adventure, whether joining a lifestyle community, connecting with a local throuple, or crafting your personal open marriage experience.

Discussing an open relationship with your partner might feel stressful. That's natural. Our Open Relationship community lends support through educational content and people who will help lift you up. We'll support you from telling your partner you want an open marriage to meeting your first polyamorous couple.

It's not just the creators but the community which drives our empathetic, passionate mission of connecting people.

Meet polyamorous partners, throuples, and open relationship couples near you. Or discover partners across the globe interested in polyamorous dating ambitions. Our judgment and hassle-free dating site experience expedites connecting you with like-minded people no matter where you're located.

Who Are Open Relationships For?

Are you experiencing a lull in passion? Have you or your partner hinted at a new romantic adventure?

Open relationships continue to gain momentum socially for a variety of reasons. As a result, many types of people and couples explore open relationship experiences. Are you one of them?

  • Marriages, couples, experiencing a lull in passion and romance.
  • People looking for romantic adventures.
  • People searching for inclusive, empathetic communities that help connect people.
  • Couples who want to meet couples near them.
  • People who want to connect with throuples near them.
  • Couples and singles interested in meeting local polyamorous couples, open marriages, and throuples in their zip codes, or all around the world.
  • Couples who believe divorce isn't imminent when partners commit to trying new things.
  • While some people might associate open relationships with a stigma, our technology and platform embrace the lifestyle as a healthy means of connection and passion. Divorce rates in the United States stand at more than 50%. An open relationship might help save some of these marriages from the doldrums and frustrations of lawyers, mediators, and family shame. Find an open relationship in a private setting. Vet potential open relationship partners through our technology.

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    What Is an Open Relationship, Exactly?

    An open relationship encompasses several types of relationships, including throuples, polyamorous partners, open marriages, or any relationship which includes more than two persons.
    The open relationship concept challenges mainstream relationship concepts, such as traditional dating and marriage, both physically and emotionally. The goal of the open relationship is to improve the couple's communication, romance, and empathy.

    Open relationships can include both members of the couple dating the same person together or separately. Open relationships can also include dating other couples and groups. Fundamentally speaking, an open relationship is based on communicated boundaries and mutual-desires.
    The basics of an open relationship dating experience are hardly something we can define for you, but within an open relationship, couples, polyamorous partners, and throuples pursue mutual respect and understanding for each one's desires and interests. For example, an open relationship with one couple could mean no texting or talking outside of the meet-up. But another couple might establish a far different boundary with communication.

    How To Use Our Open Relationship Dating Site and App

  • Sign up for our free open relationship app account.
  • Please read through our open relationship, polyamorous dating, and polyamorous partner community educational guides.
  • Take time to update your open relationship profile.
  • Explore your open relationship desires with your partner - when you're ready.
  • Discuss boundaries with your partner.
  • Use our open relationship app search, and seek couples who share your mutual desires.
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