Open Relationship Desires Skyrocketing, According to study

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As proponents of open relationship dating, we’re unabashedly biased. And we’re OK with that. Our bias aside, it doesn’t mean we’re wrong when we continue to assert that modern couples views on conventional relationships are changing. And they’re changing rapidly, at least according to a new survey.

The website Lovehoney looked into couples perceptions on conventional and non-conventional relationship perspectives and what they found was that a whole lot of people are warm to open relationship statuses.

In other words, attitudes are shifting. The study revealed that, unsurprisingly, 92% of respondents are into marriage. Of those, 38% would consider an open relationship and 32% would be into a throuple. Yes, a throuple.

Lovehoney even broke down these statistics on a global and state level. Some surprises for cities that were more down with open relationships included Charleston, Wichita, and Jacksonville. Las Vegas and Austin are also into open relationships but we aren’t overly surprised by those places. Oddly, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle were some of the lowest scorers for people seeking open relationships.

The survey puts on display more evidence that non-committed relationships and alternative coupling is on the rise. With more than half of all marriages failing annually, it is no surprise the more and more people are looking for ways to increase their odds at happiness. Even celebrities notoriously explore open relationships.

Should You Explore an Open Relationship?

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Exploring an open relationship with your partner shouldn’t be considered a “cure all” by any means. Both relationship participants should come to the conclusion that exploring an open relationship is something they both want. You can’t go rogue, however, there are best ways to ask your partner for an open relationship.. Instead, it’s an opportunity to improve the relationship for both partners. If one partner doesn’t enjoy the terms of the open relationship, it won’t work (at least not for the longer term).

Some people are beginning to see monogamy as a relic, however, the odds of you meeting someone holding that perspective remains low. This is why communication remains the utmost importance. If you’re single and know you want an open relationship, it is best to be up-front with anyone you begin seeing on a serious level. If you suddenly realize it’s what you desire while with someone, again, refer to our guide on asking your partner for an open relationship. The point is, be open and communicative. We aren’t saying rip the bandaid off, we’re saying that eloquently communicating your needs and learning the needs of your partner is a best way forward for any relationship.

As the Lovehoney survey shows, sentiments surrounding relationships and marriages continue to evolve. More people are willing to try alternative style relationships, including open marriages. But again, such endeavors won’t cure a relationship unless both participants see the benefits.