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Is Patrick Mahomes in an Open Relationship?

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is now a household name. Winning two out of three Superbowls places him squarely GOAT conversations all over the internet. And his unique, often sensually open relationship with wife Brittany has been a centerpiece of intrigue almost as compelling as his trophy case.

Some of that’s due to Brittany’s previous controversial, though always emphatic and cheer-laden, social media posts that turned some off.

But enough about that. Are Patrick and Britanny Mahomes in an open relationship?

There’s a case to be made if you’re good at reading between lines.

Brittany and Patrick’s relationship was profiled as one part of the Netflix Quarterback series, an 8-part docuseries produced by Payton Manning. The show displays Patrick and Brittany’s heavy romance.

But it’s what Brittany did, and said, after the show’s wrap that has many wondering if Patrick and Brittany are leveraging an open relationship.

Brittany posted a picture of her new foot tattoo. This seems innocuous at first glance, until you notice that the image often represents a liking for open relationships.

But wait, there’s more.

The tattoo comes only a few weeks following Brittany discussing her feelings over other women flirting with Patrick.

β€œLOL, it’s actually really sad, how disrespectful some women are.”

Those words don’t seemingly reflect a woman looking towards the benefits of an open relationship. But its worth noting that celebrity relationships, particularly those in the sports world, often go awry due to infidelity. An open relationship that features consensual, mutually-respectful boundaries is often helpful in these case.

Now if Patrick starts sporting an upside down pineapple logo on his gameday kicks, well, I think we’ll know the answer.